About Us

Yamakyu out side

Just a short walk from the Higashiyama temple streets, Oyado Yamakyu is the perfect place of rest for your Takayama experience, a ryokan that perfectly reflects the lavish hospitality and historical marvels of Japan.

In the heart of historical Takayama awaits a truly unique traditional guesthouse experience that spans across multiple eras and time. Step into our ryokan and find a truly captivating and harmonious blend of historical and modern Japan, with Edo style lodgings and Meiji era treasures.

Yamakyu inside
Spa, garden, Okami

Japanese culture, clothing, cuisine and care all await you at Oyado Yamakyu, all tailored to imbue you with the feeling of ‘omotenashi’ – being our honoured guest.

Welcome to Takayama. Welcome to Yamakyu.