YAMAKYU is nearby Higashiyama temple streets.
Located 5mins from Takayama old Private houses,10mins from the morning market on foot.
You can enjoy the best location for sightseeing in all seasons.
We hope to offer you our heartful hospitality in historical Hida Takayama.

  ◆ Check-in 14:30 ◆ Check-out 10:00 ◆                Rate

You can use the parking lot before check-in and after check-out for free.
It takes 5 minutes by car or 20 minutes on foot from Takayama station.
We can also pick you up at Takayama station.
Our shuttle bus leaves Takayama station at 1:15pm, 2:15pm, 3:15pm, 4:15pm, and 5:30pm.
If you need this service, please let us know which bus you take by the day before.
We have English speaking staff members.



 ◆Dinner time 17:30〜20:00

 ◆Breakfast time 7:00〜9:00

  You can take meals anytime you like
  between these times.
  Our cooks are authentic Japanese mothers.
  We serve traditional Takayama style dishes.

if you have any foods that you cannot eat because of allergy or some reason, let us know in advance.
But our all meals include the soup stock of the fish, wheat(gluten), soy, and vegetable, we cannot change them.

public bathWaterwheel public bath
    and open air mineral spa

   ◆5:30〜9:00 ◆ 15:00〜23:00◆

 We have two styles of bathroom.
 To let guests experience two styles of bathroom,
 the men's and women's bathrooms will change
 at midnight.
Shampoo and bodysoap are provided in the public bath.
 If you need a shaver or a dryer, please come to the front desk.


guest room
   Guest Room

 We only have japanese style rooms.
 All rooms have washlet-toilet,
 but no rooms have showers.

 Room facilities

 Bathtowels, facetowels, toothbrushes,
 and yukatas are provided in the guest room.


There is a computer in the lobby to connect to the internet.

From 7:00〜10:00 there is coffee service in the lobby.
Yamakyu's collection includes antique folk crafts and antique arts.
It looks like a small museum.

Rate per night per person including service charge.
The price excludes tax
 Adults  (Over thirteen years old)
Room  Standard Special Days
with breakfast and dinner ¥8,500 ¥9,000
with breakfast ¥7000
without meals ¥6,500

 Children A  (Between the age of eight and twelve)
 Room Standard Special Days
with breakfast and dinner ¥6,800 ¥7,200
with breakfast ¥5,600
without meals ¥5,200

 Children B  (Between the age of three and seven)
 Room Standard Special Days
with breakfast and dinner ¥5,100 ¥5,400
with breakfast ¥4,200
without meals ¥3,900 ¥4,200

We can accept credit card (Visa or Master card).
We charge 500yen (exclude tax) for single use.

★Special Days include: All Saturday in a year 1/8 2/10 3/19 4/14,30 5/1〜7 7/16 8/9〜19 9/17 10/8〜10 12/23〜29('17)

We may apply the following cancellation charge
No notification          ・・・・・100% of reservation price
Check-in date          ・・・・・100% of reservation price
1day before check-in date   ・・・・・ 50% of reservation price
2days before check-in date   ・・・・・ 30% of reservation price

IF you have any questions, or to make reservations please send us E-mail here.

mail to YAMAKYU

sightseeing nohi bus i-site takayama

     58 Tenshoji-machi, Takayama-city,
      Gifu, Japan 506-0832
     Tel +81-577-32-3756
     Fax +81-577-35-2350